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January 27, 2019 0

Pregnancy Care In Nigeria: Best Prenatal Medicine For Nigerian Pregnant Women

By mcsenior

Pregnancy Care In Nigeria: Prenatal Care And Medicines Pregnant women may need to consult their doctor and seek medical advised whether or not to use medicine during pregnancy. On the post you will learn about pregnancy care in Nigeria and...

December 7, 2018 0

Autoimmune Diseases | Autoimmune Disorder Types, Causes And Symptoms

By mcsenior

Types Of Autoimmune Diseases In Nigeria There are different kinds of autoimmune diseases today, they have similarities as well as...

September 1, 2018 0

Side Effects Of Alcohol On Health | Common Alcohol Effects Every Nigerians Should Know

By mcsenior

Common Side Effects Of Alcohol : Why Nigerian Should Watch Their Alcohol Intake People consume alcoholic drinks for different reasons...