Palm Oil Benefits | Amazing Health Benefits Of Epo Pupa

Palm Oil Benefits | Amazing Health Benefits Of Epo Pupa

May 11, 2018 1 By mcsenior
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PALM OIL BENEFITS | Best Ways To Use Epo Pupa

Palm Oil Benefits: Palm oil is predominantly found and use in most West African countries for diverse purpose. As a matter of fact, it is the preferred traditional cooking oil for most African kitchen and delicacies. Talking about palm oil, brinks back the long memory of its historical nutritional and medicinal uses as well as benefits.

Despite diverse uses of palm oil, Natural Remedy Lab decides to focus on the mind-blowing palm oil benefits.

What Is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is a natural vegetable oil that is extracted from the mesocarp of the oil palm fruits. It is an edible vegetable oil with reddish colour used for both domestic and industrial purposes.

African red palm oil is mostly used for cooking in countries like Nigeria, Ghana and other West African countries. Most eaters of palm oil like it for its high beta-carotene, the reason for the red colour.

Some people often confused palm kernel oil with palm oil but they defer based on their colour, moreover, palm kernel oil is made from the seed of the oil palm fruit while palm oil is extracted from the outer reddish layer of the fruit.

Palm Oil Major Uses

Palm oil is mostly used for both domestic and industrial use, here are few among them:

  • Cooking
  • Soap Making
  • Cosmetic
  • Industrial Lubricant
  • Sun Block
  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Biofuel
  • Personal Care
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Is Palm Oil Really Safe?

Palm oil is absolutely considered safe for consumption and the beauty of it is that it has no side effect whatsoever. Another palm oil benefits or bonus is the fact that it contains no cholesterol or trans fat, making it an ideal healthy oil for all and sundry.

How Is African Red Oil Made?

The process of palm oil making is not what you can simply describe on paper. The procedure is amazing and requires physical presence and supervision. Palm oil can be extracted using crude method or mechanized method.

The basic procedure includes separation of the red fruit from the bunch. After the separation, the fruits are cleaned and made to soften with high temperature to extract the oil from the fruit. The last state is purification of the oil and packaging as well as storage.

Palm Oil Benefits and Uses

Here are the wonderful palm oil benefits you should know.

Palm Oil As Home Remedies For Cough

One of the best known palm oil benefits is cough remedy. Palm oil has been used for several years in treating all sort of cough from dry cough, children cough & chronic cough to mention a few. To prepare your cough syrup, you can mix palm oil with original honey and lick all day. Alternatively, you can mix palm oil with sugar and lick.

Palm Oil For Feet Wounds

Have you ever experience stepping on any sharp object like nail or pin, that seriously damaged your feet; palm oil is the ideal solution here because if such wound is not properly treated, the pain may aggravate after few days and the whole situation becomes complicated.

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Whenever this occur, you need to put a flat metal like knife on fire to heat it up, when it becomes hot, you will remove it from the fire and add some palm oil on it and let the oil drop directly on the affected spot; ensure the hot oil drop on the exact spot.

Palm Oil As Anti-Poison

In the event of poisoning, palm oil can be taken orally immediately in large quantity in order to neutralize the effect of the poison. Depending on the type of poison, there may be need to seek further medical attention but these priceless palm oil benefits will definitely work effectively as first aid.

Palm Oil For Ulcer Treatment

There is no doubt that palm oil contains vitamin A & E as well as other antioxidants that makes it ideal for treatment of ulcer therefore, peptic ulcer patients should eat more of palm oil.
In addition, try to take one or two tablespoon of palm oil on empty stomach every morning for better result.

Palm Oil For Skin Health

Palm oil naturally contains essential nutrients that are beneficial to the skin, no wonder; it is a common ingredient in many natural cosmetic and skin care products.

For those who are affected by rashes, boil, itching, measles or any other skin infections, you can explore the unlimited palm oil benefits by simple application of palm oil by rubbing palm oil will do the magic. You can as well mix palm oil with other natural components like bitter leaf, honey, lemon etc.

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Palm Oil For Heart Health

Another amazing palm oil benefits is its friendliness with the heart. Palm oil is one of the best heart friendly oil. It helps in prevention of various cardiovascular diseases. You should remember that it does not contain any cholesterol or trans fat.

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Palm Oil For Stroke

Palm oil benefits include its ability to improve the health of stroke patients. Stroke is a direct attack on the brain cells thus causing temporal or permanent disability. It is believed according to reports that consumption of palm oil can go a long way in reducing the risk of developing stroke.

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Palm Oil For Cancer

It is believed that the vitamin E and other antioxidants found in palm oil helps in prevention of cancer. Palm oil contains anticancer components like tocotrienol that helps the body fight against cancer cells.

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Palm Oil For Improved Vision

Palm oil is essential for good vision and general eye health. It contains numerous antioxidants and beta-carotene more than tomato and even carrot; this makes it effective in promoting improved eye functions. Regular intake of palm oil is believed to help the eye function optimally and prevention of eye infection.

Other palm oil benefits include the following:

Regulation of hormones

Source of energy

Support for pregnancy

It aids digestion


Always abstain from consuming palm oil that is refined at temperature above 200˚C

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