Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B | Everything You Need To Know About Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B | Everything You Need To Know About Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria

November 5, 2018 0 By mcsenior
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Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B Permanent Cure With Nigerian Herbs

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Before we go into full details about effective Nigerian herbs for hepatitis B, I will like us to first discuss the various viral hepatitis in Nigeria using an holistic approach to really understand all kinds of hepatitis as well as every information you need to know.

Hepatitis is a medical condition or group of disease that mainly affects the liver. Many hepatitis patients may not see any significant symptoms but can be life threatening if left untreated for a long period of time especially the highly contagious ones.

Globally, hepatitis is one of the leading causes of death with millions of people suffering from the disease. On this post, you will learn everything you need to know about hepatitis, the different types, likely symptoms, preventive measures, the best Nigerian herbs for hepatitis B and other vital information you need to know about hepatitis.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: What Is Hepatitis?

Hepatitis can simply be referred to inflammation of the liver tissue. It is a viral infectious disease that is highly contagious even though there may be other contributing factors that may be responsible.

Hepatitis is a direct attack on the liver; the organ responsible for metabolism and breakdown of food in the digestive system. Hepatitis makes the liver becomes tender and inflamed with lots of discomfort and can damage the liver or make it function abnormally especially in case of chronic hepatitis.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Stages Of Hepatitis

Acute Hepatitis

It is usually short term in terms of how long it affects the liver; it is an inflammation of the liver caused by any of the hepatitis virus that begins suddenly and last for few weeks or months.

Chronic Hepatitis

This is an inflammation of the liver caused by hepatitis virus that last for more than six months. Chronic hepatitis prevents the liver from functioning optimally over a longer period than acute hepatitis and may lead to serious life threatening liver dysfunction that may require liver transplant in case of liver damage.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Types Of Hepatitis

It is interesting to note that there is more than one type of hepatitis that affects the liver but they all have one thing in common which is ‘attack on the liver’.

When hepatitis is caused by a any of the hepatitis virus, it is referred to as viral hepatitis. Other than virus, there are other factors or diseases that may be responsible for developing hepatitis; some can be transferred via sex or contamination and some can be easily treated.

There are five common types of hepatitis with each having unique differences as well as similarities. Those are Hepatitis A, B, C, D, & E.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A can easily be spread from persons to persons. It is caused by Hepatitis A virus and it is one of the most common hepatitis that doesn’t lead to any long term infection / contamination. It has a prevalence rate of 100 thousand cases per year in Nigeria.

How Is Hepatitis A Transmitted

Hepatitis A is highly contagious; it is transmitted whenever you come in contact with any contaminated items or body fluids. It can be spread through any of the following ways:

  • Contact with contaminated fluid or stool
  • Contact with contaminated food or water
  • Direct contact with an infected person
  • It can be spread through sexual contact
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How Can Hepatitis A Be Prevented?

Hepatitis A can be prevented by administration of Hepatitis A vaccine. The vaccine is usually given in two doses with 6 months gap period between each administered doses.

Most children are given before their second birthday and can be given to adults too. This vaccine is effective for long term protection. In addition to vaccine, personal hygiene should also be encourages in order to avoid water and food borne hepatitis A.

Food Should be properly cooked, fresh fruits & vegetables should be properly washed before consumption.

Hepatitis A Symptoms: What Does Hepatitis Do To A Person?

There may be presence of no symptoms in some cases but like symptoms you can easily notice include:

  • Fatigue
  • Extreme fever
  • Yellow skin or eye {Jaundice}
  • Dark Urine
  • Light colored stool
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Abdominal pain

Hepatitis A Risk Factors: What Is The Main Cause Of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is caused by hepatitis A virus. The major risk factors include:

  • Exposure with droppings or handling of infected animals or persons
  • Travelling to places with hepatitis A outbreak or record
  • Health care &laboratory workers handling hepatitis A virus
  • Having sexual contact with an infected person
  • Living in an unhygienic environment
  • Sharing contaminated utensils

Hepatitis A Treatment: How To Cure Hepatitis A Fast

In most cases, hepatitis A will be cleared off from the body on its own within six months. You can however, take preventive measures, self care, adequate rest and hydration to get well fast. Most medications taken because of hepatitis A is just to relieve the symptoms.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a preventable infectious liver disease that is caused by hepatitis B virus {HBV}. It is an attack on the liver that can cause both acute and chronic liver infection, life threatening effect on the liver and even death.

Hepatitis B has a prevalence rate of 1.5 million cases per year in Nigeria making it the most common type of hepatitis among Nigerians. There are many effective Nigerian herbs for hepatitis B often used for the treatment.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B Symptoms

Most hepatitis B cases have no symptoms especially in the earlier stage and can be self resolving but when it becomes chronic, it may pose dangerous threat on the liver, it is always advisable to go for regular medical checkup at least twice in a year. You also need to get proper diagnosis before using any Nigerian herbs for hepatitis B treatment.
Common symptoms of acute hepatitis B include:

  • Jaundice {yellowing of the skin & eye}
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Itching

Chronic hepatitis B may result into cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B Prevention And Control

Hepatitis B can best be prevented by taking HBV vaccine {Heplisav-B}. The vaccine is recommended for babies and young children to prevent them from this infection. Adults can also be given the HBV vaccine especially those who are at risk of getting infected.

Other ways of preventing hepatitis B infection other than vaccination include:

  • Take caution when using sharp objects
  • Do not share items that may have been contaminated
  • Pregnant women should prevent passing the virus to their babies by series of vaccinations and HBIG for their babies at birth.
  • If you have not had vaccination earlier & you are exposed to the virus, you can receive a single injection of Hepatitis B Immune Globulin {HBIG} to provide immediate short term protection against the virus.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Who Is At Risk?

The following set of people is at risk of being infected with HBV

  • Sexual active individual
  • New born babies within 24 hrs of birth
  • Injection drug users
  • Those seeking treatment for STIs
  • People living with HIV
  • Frequent travelers
  • Emergency medical technicians, doctors & nurses

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: What Will Happen If Hepatitis B Is Not Treated?

Hepatitis B may clear up by itself within six months but chronic hepatitis B may be detrimental to the liver resulting into total liver damage. Chronic hepatitis B patients are advised to totally avoid taking alcohol because it will complicate and worsen the condition.

Whatever the case may be, you need to seek medical attention immediately because even acute hepatitis B if left untreated and you have a compromised immune system can develop into chronic hepatitis B.

Chronic hepatitis B is usually a long term infection, more difficult to manage and can result into liver failure, liver cancer and death.

Hepatitis B can be treated using antiviral drugs to suppress the virus and deprive it of a conducive condition to replicate.

Other alternatives include liver transplant in case of chronic hepatitis B as well as taken interferon injection to fight the infection.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B Diagnosis

  • Hepatitis B can be diagnosed using blood test to determine if you are immune to the condition
  • There is also liver ultrasound to show the extent of the damage on the liver
  • Liver biopsy where a small portion of the liver is removed for testing
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Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: How To Treat Hepatitis B Naturally

Medically, there is no specific cure for acute hepatitis B. Antiviral medications are often prescribed to slow the progression of liver disease and reduce the incidence of liver cancer and liver failure.

However, there are claims that alternative medicine can be used to treat and get rid of the virus. If you are using alternative remedy, you need to first consider the following:

  • Always stay hydrated by getting enough fluid especially water throughout the day.
  • Try as much as you can to reduce stress and try some mild exercise like walking and yoga.
  • Avoid foods and drinks that may increase inflammation. Sugary foods, fried foods, dairy products, refined foods, saturated fats, processed foods and alcohol should be totally avoided.
  • Eat more balanced diet, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and maintain healthy weight.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Effective Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B


Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Poly-herbal Decoction For Hepatitis

The following herbs are known to have anti-inflammatory properties and are effective in reversing the harmful effects of hepatitis B virus on the liver. You can make a decoction by making use of any of these herbs or by combining two or more of them:

  • Milk thistle, Corn silk, Dandelion root, Turmeric, Ginger & St. Mary thistle.

Boil herbs in water and drink 200 ml three times daily till you get better.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Bitter Kola For Hepatitis B

Many people often ask if bitter kola can be used in treating hepatitis B. Well, bitter kola is one of the many natural remedies for treatment of hepatitis B. You can grind bitter kola to form a powder and mix with original honey and lime juice. Drink 100 ml three times daily.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Utazi Leaf & Scent Leaf For Hepatitis B

Squeeze out the juice from fresh leaves of scent leaf {Efinrin}, utazi leaf {Arokeke} and bitter melon leaves with little salt. Drink this half glass of this juice twice daily.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Pawpaw Seed For Hepatitis B

Blend a lot of pawpaw seed with little pawpaw pulp and original honey and drink a glass cup twice daily till you start seeing result.
You can also make use of the following to improve your liver health:

  • Sugar + Honey
  • Carrot Juice
  • Raw tomato juice

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Liver Cleanse For Hepatitis B

One of the major functions of the liver is metabolism and detoxification. It filters the blood and breakdown nutrients. The following Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B can help detoxify an inflamed liver and fight off the virus:

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Sugar Cane Juice For Hepatitis B

Squeeze out the juice of fresh sugar cane and drink up to a full glass daily or eat the raw sugar cane on empty stomach for a month.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Coconut Water For Hepatitis B

Mix four liters of tender coconut water with one liter of original honey and preserve in a small keg. Drink one glass on empty stomach daily till you see result.

Nigerian Herbs For Hepatitis B: Bitter leaf Juice For Hepatitis B

Squeeze out the juice from the fresh leaves of bitter leaf and drink from a small glass three times daily.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is another type of hepatitis usually spread through blood and other means. It is caused by hepatitis C virus {HCV} leading to serious complications to the liver if left untreated. Hepatitis C just like A & B can easily be spread from person to person and can last for years inside the body. In Nigeria alone, more than 100 thousand cases is being recorded annually.

How Is Hepatitis C Transmitted

  • Hepatitis C is mostly transmitted when the blood of an infected person comes in contact with an uninfected person.
  • It can also be transmitted from mother to child during delivery
  • It can easily be spread during sexual intimacy with an infected person

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Hepatitis C Risk Factors

The following categories of people have higher risk of contacting HCV

  • People who have multiple sex partners
  • Those who practice unsafe sex
  • Those who recently receive blood transfusion
  • People living with HIV
  • Health care workers
  • Those who often share sharp objects
  • Injection drug users
  • Those who recently had a tattoo
  • Those who often share personal items

Hepatitis C Symptoms

Likely symptoms of hepatitis c include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine
  • Itchy skin / Skin rashes
  • Fever / Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Jaundice
  • Sore muscles

Hepatitis C Prevention

In order to prevent or reduce your risk of contracting hepatitis c, here are precautionary measures you can take:

  • Avoid sharing of sharp objects, injection drug equipments & personal care items.
  • Practice safe sex and be loyal to your partner
  • Avoid piercing of your body or tattoo from unlicensed practitioners
  • If you have a wound or injury, it should be properly treated and covered.
  • Health care workers should be careful when handling blood and body fluids
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Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Hepatitis C Virus Diagnosis Test

Hepatitis C can be diagnosed using antibody test which is the most common method used to detect antibodies against hepatitis C virus. It may be useful from 3 to 6 months after infection. The other method is Hepatitis C PCR test which can detect if someone has hepatitis C within 1-2 weeks of exposure.

Hepatitis C Treatment New Drugs

Hepatitis C can be treated with antiviral drugs to reduce the virus ability to replicate. Hepatitis C patients are mandated to avoid alcohol during treatment to avoid serious liver complications. In case of chronic hepatitis c, there may be need to carry out a liver transplant which might be expensive. There are antiviral medications like ribavirin that help stop the virus from reproducing.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D just like other hepatitis can easily be spread and can last for several years in the body. It is caused by Hepatitis D Virus {HDV}, also known as hepatitis delta virus. It is not common in Nigeria with fewer than 100 thousand cases recorded annually

Hepatitis D Transmission: How Does A Person Get Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D can be transmitted from person to person through the blood or other body fluids of an infected person. It is mostly gotten through direct contact & sexual intimacy. You should however, note that you cannot have this type of hepatitis without prior hepatitis B infection.

The hepatitis D virus can only infect someone who has hepatitis B infection because it needs hepatitis B virus for its replication. It can also be transmitted via urine, vaginal fluids, semen, blood and childbirth.

Hepatitis D Risk Factors: Who Is At Risk?

  • Abusing injection drugs
  • Mother being infected during pregnancy
  • People living with Hepatitis B Virus
  • Having unsafe sex & multiple sex partners
  • Health care workers
  • Previous family history of hepatitis
  • Those who receives blood transfusion

Hepatitis D Prevention

The best way to prevent hepatitis D infection is to prevent hepatitis B infection through vaccination. In addition, there is need for injection & blood safety for those who need blood transfusion and health care workers.

You can also reduce the risk by reducing or slowing down on those lifestyles that may increase your chance by practicing safe sex, reducing your sexual partners and other different ways of preventing contact with infected blood or fluids.

Hepatitis D Symptoms

The symptoms of hepatitis D infection are not different from other types of hepatitis. Likely symptoms include:

  • Jaundice
  • General body pain
  • Pale colored stool
  • Vomiting
  • Dark urine
  • Fatigue

Hepatitis D Treatment

There is no known cure for hepatitis D infection; precautionary measures are being advised to be taken to prevent this infection. Early diagnosis is also very important to prevent liver damage which may result into liver transplant. If you are infected, visit your medical doctor for advice.

Viral Hepatitis In Nigeria: Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by hepatitis E virus {HEV} that can easily be transferred through contaminated water or undercooked meat. There are not fewer than 10 thousand cases of hepatitis E cases in Nigeria annually.

Hepatitis E Transmission

The most common medium of transmitting hepatitis E virus is through fecal-oral route. It is common in communities with no proper sanitation and inadequate water supply. It can be spread by drinking contaminated water or food, eating uncooked or undercooked meat or fish.

Hepatitis E Prevention

Drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food is the major route of transmitting hepatitis E virus; therefore, measures should be taken to curb unhealthy / unhygienic practices.
Water should be properly treated before drinking especially in places with shortage of water supply. In addition, food especially meat and fish should be well cooked before consumption.

Hepatitis E Symptoms

  • Clay colored stool
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Dark urine
  • Jaundice / Fever
  • General body pain
  • Loss of appetite

How Serious Is Hepatitis E: Is Hepatitis Fatal?

Hepatitis E is compared to hepatitis A and can be self healing in some cases but can result into chronic hepatitis in those patients who have poor immune system. Hepatitis E can also be severe in pregnant women; it is associated with a clinical syndrome called fulminant liver failure.

Hepatitis E can lead to preterm delivery, abortion, stillbirth and neonatal death during pregnancy.

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Bottom Line!!!

  • Early diagnosis is very important when it comes to hepatitis even though there are no medical cure for some, preventive measures are very essential to be taken.
  • Those living with the virus should add herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to their diet for natural remedy and recovery.
  • Hepatitis patients must quit alcohol consumption during and after treatment.


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