Nigeria Communicable Diseases | Disease Mostly Caused By Pests

Nigeria Communicable Diseases | Disease Mostly Caused By Pests

August 1, 2018 0 By mcsenior
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Nigeria Communicable Diseases: Pests Borne Infections Revealed

Nigeria Communicable Diseases: It is evident that we have pests living around us; hardly can you stay up to half an hour in any environment without citing one pest or the other.

In most cases, pests appears to be calm and innocent, however, pests and diseases usually stick together & could pave way to serious life threatening infections and diseases.

Based on our findings, pests are major carrier or vehicle through which infections are spread. All pests, from the tiny ones like ants up to the bigger ones like dogs all have a role to play in causing havoc to human.

Before it gets scary, the purpose of this post is to identify various pests and diseases or infections they expose human to and how you should limit your exposure to such pests around you as well as identify the role they play in exposing you to health hazards.

Nigeria Communicable Diseases Caused By Pests: What Are Pests?

A pest can be an insect, plant, germ, animal or other organisms that poses a threat or cause nuisance to human. Pests are found of interfering with human through destruction of food crops, property or livestock.
A lot of pests are known for their ability to cause infections or transfer of infection causing micro organisms.

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Types Of Pests

Discussing pests and diseases may take a whole book before you can cover them because of their endless list.
However, for the sake of this post, we will only identify the most common pests and diseases around you especially those that are common to human.

  • Vertebrate Pests consists of birds like pigeons, sparrows
  • Mammals consists of mice, rats, cats, dogs, bats, squirrels
  • Amphibians consists of bullfrogs, toad
  • Insects include: spiders, crickets, locusts, ants, cockroach wasps, flies, termites
  • Parasitic Insects include: lice, fleas, bed bugs, mosquito, tsetse fly, kissing bugs, tick, mites, cliggers, sarcoptes scabiei

Other notable mentions include:

*Fruit flies

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Nigeria Communicable Diseases: Common Infections Caused By Pest

Mosquito Borne Infections

*Malaria *Elephantiasis *Yellow Fever
*West Nile Fever *Dangue Fever *Chikungunya
*Zika Fever *Ross River Fever *Eastern Enquine Encephalitis
*Japanese Encephalitis *La Crosse Encephalitis
*St. Louis Encephalitis

Rodent (Rat) Borne Infections

*Lassa Fever *Rat-Bite Fever *Salmonellosis
*Leptospirosis *Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome *Plague
*Hantavirus * Colorado Tick Fever *Weil’s Disease
* Capillariasis *Contaneous Leishmaniasis *Echinococcosis
*Trichinellosis *Tularemia Rat Tapeworm

Bats Borne Infections

*Rabies *Histoplasmosis *Ebola
*Coronavirus Infections *Hantavirus Infections *Lassa Fever
*Hemorrhagic Infections

House Fly Borne Infections

*Typhoid Fever *Dysentery *Poliomyelitis
*Cholera *Epidemic Conjunctivitis *Anthrax
*Tuberculosis * Leprosy *Food Poisoning

Cockroach Borne Infections

*Typhoid Fever *Asthma *Salmonellosis
*Cholera *Gastroentritis *Dysentery
*Leprosy *Plague *Campylobacteriosis

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Pest And Disease: Other notable mentions:

Lyme disease by deer tick
African trypanosomiasis by tsetse fly
River blindness by black fly

Nigeria Communicable Diseases: Signs Of Presence Of Pests

  • Presence of live or dead bodies of pests
  • Presence of pest’s droppings
  • Presence of larvae, pupae and egg
  • Presence of bird’s nests and wobbing from moths
  • Physical damage to food, food and boxes
  • Presence of holes or chewed piece of items
  • Unusual smell
  • Foot print and tail marks of pests
  • Every pest has a unique sound to identify them with

Nigeria Communicable Diseases: How To Prevent Pest Infestation

  • Avoid staying around places where dangerous pests breed
  • Always use protective cloth when exposed to pests like flies, mosquitoes etc
  • Keep food covered when not eating
  • Don’t allow waste accumulation in your environment
  • Ensure low tolerance for pests in food stores
  • Keep food containers covered at all times
  • Cracks and holes at home should be properly sealed immediately
  • Keep trees, woods and bushes away from homes
  • Leaking pipes should be fixed
  • Use an effective pest control products

Why You Should Keep Pests Away From Food

  • To prevent contamination of food
  • To prevent spread of disease
  • To prevent damage or loss
  • To check against food poisoning

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Bottom Line!!!
In order to avoid pests and diseases infestation, you should ensure your environment most importantly area where food items and food processing area are properly kept tidy at all times.

Pests are prone to thrive in dirty environments and may cause life threatening infections or disease if not kept on check as you have learnt.

Whenever pests are being cited, ensure you get rid of them and block the medium through which they can access your environments.

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