Measles Treatment In Nigeria | Nigerian Herbs For Measles

Measles Treatment In Nigeria | Nigerian Herbs For Measles

December 21, 2017 0 By mcsenior
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Measles Treatment With Nigerian Herbs | How To get Rid Of Measles Spot Naturally

Natural Measles Treatment in Nigeria – Measles is an airborne viral disease that can be contacted whenever you come in contact with an infected person. It is always characterized with white spots in the mouth and a red flat rash on the body.

Measles can be prevented by taking measles vaccine and it might not affect an individual more than once in lifetime. Most of the deaths from measles are among children from rural or developing African countries.

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Join Natural Remedy Lab to discover the most effective Natural Measles Treatment in Nigeria.

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Symptoms of Measles

As Natural Measles Treatment in Nigeria is all you expect to get from this post, here are the common sign and symptoms of measles:

  • Fever
  • Spots in the mouth
  • Rashes
  • Itching

Risk Factors of Measles

Contact with an infected person

Measles Treatment In Nigeria – How To Treat Measles Completely With Nigerian Herbs

Here is Natural Remedy Lab’s most effective Natural Measles Treatment in Nigeria

Measles treatment

Remedies for measles treatment

Natural Measles Treatment: Tagiri For Measles


Lagenaria breviflora (Pseudoclocynth) / Yoruba (Tagiri)

Application: Place at home
It is believed that putting the fruit of this plant in the home of the infected person will prevent spreading of the infection to other persons.

Natural Measles Treatment: Bamboo Leaves For Measles


Bambusa vulgaris (Bamboo) / Yoruba (Oparun)

Solvent: Water
Dosage: 100 – 200ml 3 times daily
Application: Oral & Bath
You can make a decoction from the leaves and shoots of bamboo plant to treat measles. The decoction should be taken orally and use for bath as well.

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Natural Measles Treatment: Bitter Leaf For Measles


Vernonia amygdalina (Bitter leaf)
Palm Oil

Application: Rub on skin
Squeeze out the juice from the bitter leaf and mix with both palm oil & little kerosene. You now have a new body lotion till infection disappear. Rub this on the skin always.

Natural Measles Treatment: Garlic For Measles


Allium sativum (Garlic)

Dosage: 2 – 3 cloves daily
Application: Oral
Eating at least one or two cloves of garlic daily will hasten the recovery process and period whenever you are infected with measles.

Natural Measles Treatment: Cocoa Bark For Measles


Theobroma cacao (Cocoa)

Solvent: Water / Gin
Dosage: 100-200 ml 3 times daily
Application: Oral
The bark of this plant can be used to make a decoction with water or tincture with water or gin.
Other herbs you can as well use in treating measles include: Mistletoe, Pigeon pea, Lime leaves & fruits, Alligator pepper and Giant milk weed.

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Avoid using your conventional bath soap and cream when infected with measles.

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