HPV In Nigeria | Facts About Human Papillomavirus You Need To Know

HPV In Nigeria | Facts About Human Papillomavirus You Need To Know

December 28, 2018 0 By mcsenior
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HPV In Nigeria: Reasons Why Nigerians Should Prevent Human Papillomavirus Infection

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections that affect both men and women today is human papillomavirus infection. If you haven’t heard about hpv in Nigeria, or you know little about it; here is the right post for you. As you read further, you will discover detailed facts about human papillomavirus infection you need to know.

Human Papillomavirus Definition

HPV is a group of virus that causes infections on the skin and other moist membranes lining of the body. While there are over 100 different types of HPV, the ones that can affect the genitals or spread through sexual contact are just around 30.

Who Is At Risk Of Having HPV In Nigeria?

• Men and women who are sexually active
• Can be spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex
• Can be spread through physical contact like torching of the genitals
• A man doesn’t have to ejaculate before spreading the infection
• It can also be spread from mother to child

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Symptoms Of HPV In Nigeria

In most cases, people who have this infection doesn’t have any symptoms, it is mostly discovered after going through routine checkup via a pap test. The major symptoms can be presence of genital warts or later when it has lead to cervical cancer. Women need to do a pap test regularly at least once in every three years as soon as the reach 21 or when they become sexually active.

How Common Is HPV In Nigeria?

Human papillomavirus infection is very common in Nigeria with more than 1.5 million people infected annually in the country.

Complications Of HPV In Nigeria

In most cases, the infection will go away on its own and may cause no problem. When it refuses to go away on its own, there is need for proper medical attention to avoid the following health problems:

• It may increase your risk of having genital warts
• It may also lead to cervical cancer, it is one of the leading cause of cervical cancer in women
• It may also increase your risk of developing other types of cancers that affects the genitals like penis, anus, vulva and the vagina
• It may also lead to cancers affecting the back of the throat
• It may increase your chance of having build up of warts in the respiratory tract

When To See A Doctor For HPV In Nigeria

Since HPV usually has no symptoms, you need to consult your doctor regularly for routine checkup. Currently, there is no approved test for men but women can use pap test to detect if they have HPV or not. Women can start having a pap test as soon as they reach age 21 or when they become sexually active.

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HPV And Pregnancy Health

Having HPV does not in any way prevent you from getting pregnant, but if left untreated may cause some problems like:
• You can pass it unto your baby
• It may affect normal delivery, making you pass through a caesarean session
• As a result of hormone changes during pregnancy, it may worsen the warts you have prior or during pregnancy
• It may have an impact on the cervical cells

Does HPV Has A Permanent Cure?

Once you are infected with this infection, it becomes a life time thing. The virus remains in the body but the warts which are the major symptoms can be treated and will go away.

Prevention Of HPV In Nigeria

Human papillomavirus infections can be prevented by taking measures to prevent through total abstinence from sex or by taking HPV vaccine. You can reduce your risk of having the infection through if you are sexually active by using condom, limiting your sexual partners to one and avoiding other unhealthy lifestyles like taking drugs or alcohol that may expose you to unsafe sexual practice.

The steps work best when used together. No single step can protect you from every single type of STI.

When Do I Get HPV Vaccine?

• As soon as you reach age 9, you can have the vaccine
• The vaccine should be taken before having your first sexual contact even if you are above the age above
• The vaccine will be given in two or three doses which may cover 6 months or a year period
• If you have been infected, you need to talk to your doctor because you may have to take the vaccine to prevent against those that causes cancer

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Can People Who Already Had Sex Still Take HPV Vaccine?

You can still benefit from the vaccine if you missed it when you were younger and you have had sex. If you haven’t had any HPV, then you are lucky but if you have being infected, you may still take it to prevent other types of HPV. You should note that the vaccine has no effect over the virus you had already.

Do I Need To Use Condom After Taking The Vaccine

Definitely you need to use a condom if you are not sure if your partner has STIs in order to reduce your chance of getting any kind of STI.

Can HPV Come Back Again After Treatment

The answer is yes because the virus may remain inside the body while symptoms disappear.

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