Causes Of Hypertension In Nigeria |  High Blood Pressure Signs

Causes Of Hypertension In Nigeria | High Blood Pressure Signs

November 11, 2017 1 By mcsenior
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High Blood Pressure : Causes Of Sudden High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is often referred to as the silent killer. There is a whole lot of factors responsible for the increase in the cases of high blood pressure in the society today. It is however mandatory for everyone to be informed about their health status.

There is also need for more awareness creation, reorientation and education to reduce unhealthy lifestyle that exposes us to risk factors for high blood pressure in the society. This post tends to open your eyes to relevant facts about hypertension in Nigeria, all you need to know in preventing or managing your blood pressure optimally.

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High Blood Pressure Definition

Hypertension commonly know as high blood pressure is a long term medical condition where the blood pressure in the arteries moves from the normal range of 100 or 140 over 60-90 of mercury (mmhg) and gets above 140/90mmHg in adults.

High Blood Pressure Prevalence 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) fact about hypertension in Nigeria, the country rank 6th in the list of countries with high prevalence as far as hypertension is concerned in 2016. Nigeria has 35% compared to Seychelles (40%), Cape Verde (39%), Sao Tome and Principe (39%), Ghana (37%) and Niger (36%). In Nigeria, hypertension is found in male adults (51%) and (49%) in female adults.

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High Blood Pressure Causes

A lot of factors could be responsible for developing high blood pressure. It could be as a result of lifestyle or genetic factors. One of the most common lifestyle causes are due to smoking, drinking, stress, unhealthy diets and drugs/medication related causes.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Hypertension in most cases has no symptoms, that is the more reason why it is tagged ‘The Silent Killer’. The symptoms can only be identified after long period of time due to the complications. In some cases, headache, blurred vision, dizziness and and other symptoms related to the complications can be identified.

Diagnosis of High Blood Pressure

You only sure way to detect if someone has hypertension is by getting the blood pressure checked regularly by your doctor. There are also some portable digital blood pressure monitors out there that are affordable. However, you need to be guided by experts before using this device appropriately.

Risk Factors For High Blood Pressure

Although, hypertension can be developed by anyone but certain set of people are more prone to the condition. The following set of people should have a routine medical checkup including their blood pressure if any of the following questions has a YES for an answer.

  • Does any of your close relatives once had HBP in the past?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Do you consume food high in sodium and other junk foods?
  • You don’t do physically activities?
  • Are you are obese or overweight?
  • Do you smoke a lot?
  • Do you take birth control pills or you are pregnant?
  • Do you consume excessive alcohol?
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Prevention of High Blood Pressure

Yes, prevention they say is better than cure. This statement is also an applicable fact about hypertension in Nigeria in managing your blood pressure. For those who already has high blood pressure; nothing to worry about because it is not a death sentence if necessary medical measures are put in place. They following lifestyle changes will go a long way in assisting you to manage your blood pressure significantly.

  • Go for regular blood pressure check and other medical checkups
  • It is time for you to start doing regular exercise. A regular walk or jog down the street for half an hour is enough to keep you fit and if you can do more it will be better. If you are not use to exercise before, please seek advice from experts in order not to go beyond your limit.
  • Next time you want to eat; it is a capital know for high sodium foods, processed foods, junk foods and foods rich in unhealthy fats.
  • Reduce or stay off alcohol/ tobacco
  • Always go for medical checkup
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Complications of High Blood Pressure

Due to the fact that hypertension has no easily identifiable symptom, it is most often not treated or monitored. It is an established fact about hypertention in Nigeria that an untreated long term high blood pressure will definitely lead to certain life threatening complications. Complications include: vision loss, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), heart failure, and coronary artery disease to mention a few.

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High Blood Pressure Treatments

Aside from taking prescribed medication, it is a fact about hypertension in Nigeria that the  treatment of hypertension  is a long term process that requires urgent attitudinal and lifestyle changes. There is need to reduce or totally eliminate the risk factors.

The common methods used in the treatment of hypertension include the use of: Beta-blockers, Thiazide diuretics, Calcium channel blockers, Ace inhibitors and Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs).

You should also note that earlier detection is a crucial factor that will determine your chance of recovery. There are effective herbal remedies available for the treatment as well.

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