Healthy Lifestyle Habits | Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Nigerians

Healthy Lifestyle Habits | Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Nigerians

November 2, 2017 1 By mcsenior
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Healthy Lifestyle Habits – How To Live Healthier In Nigeria

In our previous post, we emphasized on the importance of alternative medicine  and how it can solve the menace of people not having access to basic health care due to various health challenges either due to financial constraints or what ever reason. Alternative medicine is basically an holistic approach to healthy lifestyle habits which focus on using organic food substance to replace processed and chemical oriented foods. It is a right step in maintaining an general body performance.

On this post, we shall discuss the basic steps you can take to ensure you are healthy within and without.

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 Healthy Lifestyle Habits :  6 Steps To Prevent Sickness

Have you ever wondered why some folks always look healthy and never fall sick easily? Most times you always ask them what their secret was and their response is always not convincing.

Think about it, these sets of people are not alien, they are prone to sickness just like you but they are doing certain things right which you probably don’t know.

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There are healthy measures you need to embrace and;  before you know it, you’ll just wave bye to infections and you see your health improved significantly.

Here are steps you need to take as healthy lifestyle habits to prevent sickness in both young and elderly.


  • HYGIENE: cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, your environment should be free from dirt; a dirty environments breeds infectious organisms. Your body and mouth should be cleaned at least twice daily. Always wash your hands after touching anything unclean.


  • DIET: your body don’t just need food but nutrients to function optimally. You need to eat the right type of especially balance diet at the right time and right proportion. Your diet shouldn’t only be rich in nutrients, it should be properly prepared or cooked.

A badly prepared or cooked food is not better than junk food which add up to toxin build up in the body.

You should however eat more of fruits, vegetables, fibres, nuts, cereals, whole grains, legumes and other organic foods and stay away from processed foods, high sodium, sugar and junk foods.

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  • REGULAR EXERCISE: you must have heard about this several times and wonder if it really matters; Yes it does. Your body need to be physically active and that is why regular exercise is always recommended for certain health conditions.

Exercise should not be confused with stressful or rigorous daily activities.
Unlike the general belief, you don’t have to visit the gym before you get your body exercised.

The advantage of using the gym is because it affords you wide range of options and your ability to meet professionals who can guild you on what type and frequency of exercise your body needs.
You should however note that a simple walk or jog down the street or early morning stretching, press up and skipping can also be beneficial.



  • NATURAL REMEDIES: here is the good news, there are wide range of natural and organic remedies which would reduce the side effects conventional medicines tends to add to your system.

You don’t even have to worry to get them because they are readily available around you, they are also cheaper and more effective. You can get maximum nutrients your body needs from fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs.

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  • MEDICAL CHECKUP: It is suicidal to be ignorant of your health status or condition. There is need for every individual to go for medical checkup from time to time. You need to keep this healthy lifestyle habits that helps in preventing sickness in mind as a routine process, this will keep you at alert anytime whenever you are getting it right or wrong as regards your general wellbeing.


  • BE INFORMED: information as you know is power, you need to regularly update yourself on health issues and matters. This will help you in adjusting to the new way of healthy lifestyle habits preventing sickness. A regular visit to a blog like Natural Remedy Lab will get you updated on ways you can live a balanced healthy lifestyle.



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