Gonorrhea Treatment In Nigeria | How To Treat Gonorrhea With Nigerian Herbs

Gonorrhea Treatment In Nigeria | How To Treat Gonorrhea With Nigerian Herbs

December 19, 2017 2 By mcsenior
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Gonorrhea Treatment In Nigeria – Natural Remedies For Gonorrhea

Natural Gonorrhea Treatment in Nigeria –When it comes to sexually transmitted infections, gonorrhea is one of the most common STIs among both men and women. In most cases, there may be no symptoms. In the absence of no symptom, an infected person can still transfer the infection to others.

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that can be treated with antibiotics but if left untreated, it could result into serious health complications that may be life threatening.

On this post, Natural Remedy Lab looks at the best effective natural gonorrhea treatment in Nigeria.

You can also learn more about gonorrhea and other STDs from our previous post.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Before trying any of Natural Remedy Lab’s Natural Gonorrhea Treatment, here are signs and symptoms to watch out for:

  • Itching around the genitals
  • Painful & frequent urination
  • Discoloration & swelling of the genitals
  • Burning sensation in the genitals
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Gonorrhea Risk Factors

The following risk factors should be considered to know your chance of having gonorrhea:

  • Do you practice unprotected sex?
  • Do you have more than one sexual partner?
  • Is any of your partners infected?

If you have a YES for any of the questions above, it is then advisable to consult your doctor for medical advice and attention.

Natural Gonorrhea Treatment in Nigeria – Nigerian Herbs For Gonorrhea

Here are Natural Remedy Lab’s combinations of the most effective Natural Gonorrhea Treatment in Nigeria:

Gonorrhea remedies

Herbs used for gonorrhea treatment

Natural Gonorrhea Treatment: Yellow Mombin Leaves For Gonorrhea


Spondias mombin (Yellow mombin) / Yoruba (Iyeye)

Solvent: Water

Dosage: 200 ml 3 times daily
The bark and leaves of this plant can be used to make a decoction by boiling in water as homemade remedy for the treatment of gonorrhea. It can also be added to other herbs for improved performance.

Natural Gonorrhea Treatment: Sandpaper Leaves For Gonorrhea


Petalonyx thurberi – Sandpaper Leaves (Omunu)

Solvent: Water or Liquor
Dosage: 100 ml for water & 50 ml for liquor twice daily
Squeeze fresh clean leaves to extract the juice
Filter & drink from juice
Alternatively, make a tincture by soaking leaves in liquor for at least a week
Drink solution regularly.

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Natural Gonorrhea Treatment:Cashew & Mango Leaves For Gonorrhea


Mango leaves
Cashew leaves
Yellow mombin leaves (bark: optional)

Solvent: Water
Dosage: 200 ml 3 times daily

Gently wash herbs with clean water
Boil herbs in water for at least 15 minutes and allow it to settle.
Drink from decoction regularly.

Natural Gonorrhea Treatment: Yoruba Herb For Gonorrhea


Palisota hirsuta / Yoruba (Akerejupon), Igbo (Ikpere aturu)

Solvent: Water
Dosage: 200 ml 3 times daily
This plant contains healing properties that are capable of getting rid of gonorrhea. You can boil the leaves, stem & root of this herb in water to make a decoction to be taken regularly. The root can also be boiled with lime juice.

Natural Gonorrhea Treatment: Lime & Honey For Gonorrhea


Hibiscus surathensis / Yoruba (Kinkinrinmiyin)
Lemon / Lime juice

Solvent: Water
Dosage: A glass cup twice daily

You can add hot water to the leaves and let it settle for a while
Filter the water and add honey and lemon juice.

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Natural Gonorrhea Treatment: Ringworm Plant For Gonorrhea


Senna alata – Ringworm plant

Dosage: 300 ml 3 times daily
Make a decoction by boiling all items in water for not less than 10 minutes
Drink from solution on regular basis



If you notice any of your sexual partners has gonorrhea, you need to consult your doctor in order to know if you also have it or not. Both partners should be treated together and they must both abstain from sex till the infection disappears. It is recommended that you avoid having multiple sexual partners to be on the safe side.

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