Garlic Medicinal Benefits | Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic In Nigeria

Garlic Medicinal Benefits | Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic In Nigeria

December 3, 2017 1 By mcsenior
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Garlic Benefits For Men & Women: Benefits Of Eating Raw Garlic On Empty Stomach

Garlic Medicinal Benefits
Name: Garlic (Allium sativum)
Garlic is one of the recipes you can easily find in most kitchens. It can be used to make garlic sauce or paste, bread, toast or other cooking methods; the taste of garlic is not that bad besides, it is rich in both nutritional and medicinal components. Natural Remedy Lab explores the exceptional garlic medicinal benefits and usage in Nigeria.

Garlic is a plant from same specie as onion. The bulb contains a head of garlic with separately enclosed cloves. Some people are allergic to garlic and its distinctive smell may be unpleasant to many.

How Many Garlic Cloves Per Day?

Some people may be able to take more garlic a day without having serious negative effect but generally, you should be okay with a few cloves a day. Your daily intake should not go beyond six cloves or 4 grams a day.

Part Mostly Used:

Leaves, flowers & bulb

Garlic Nutritional Facts: What Nutrients Does Garlic Contain?

Nutrition Fact Of Garlic Pr 100g

*Energy-623kj             *Carbohydrates-33g

*Sugar-1g                       *Dietary fiber-2.1g

*Fat-0.5g                        *Protein-6.3g

*Vitamin B1-0.2mg    *Vitamin B2-0.11mg

*Vitamin B3-0.7mg    *Vitamin B5-0.59mg

*Vitamin B6-3µg         *Vitamin C-31.2mg

*Calcium-181mg          *Iron-1.7mg

*Magnesium-25mg    *Manganese-1.67mg

*Zinc-1.16mg                *Phosphorus-401mg

*Sodium-17mg             *Water-59g


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Garlic Medicinal Benefits Benefits Of Eating Raw Garlic

Garlic is one of the few organic herbs that can prevent cancer and growth of tumor. People who eat garlic regularly have low risk of developing cancer. Garlic is a good source of allicin and other antioxidants that inhibits the growth of tumor in the prostate, bladder, colorectal, esophageal and stomach.

  • Garlic For Blood Purification

People who eat garlic on a daily basis need not spend their money on blood tonic to purify the blood because garlic does this perfectly. It helps in cleansing the blood and protects the vital organs of the body for optimal body function.

  • Garlic as Immune booster

The unique garlic medicinal benefits are sufficiently adequate and useful in human general well-being because it contains antioxidants properties and vitamin c which helps the body to resist infections like cold and flu. Garlic with its loads of nutrients supports the immune system to fight and wipe out bacterial and other microbes that may cause an infection.

  • Garlic For Heart Health

Garlic is indeed heart friendly, it enhances general heart functions. It contains selenium & allicin which helps fight free radicals that may affect the proper functioning of the heart. Garlic help lowers blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol, and prevent hardening of the arteries and coronary heart diseases. People who eat garlic regularly also have a low risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Garlic helps in purifying the blood by removing impurities or toxins that may be harmful to various vital organs of the body.

Garlic is also useful and essential for diabetic patients. It is believed that eating raw garlic daily can drastically reduce the blood sugar level in the body. Diabetes patients should add garlic to their diet on a regular basis. Garlic help regulate blood sugar and lowers the effect of diabetes significantly. Even if you are not diabetic, you can start eating more garlic to help you prevent development of diabetes.

  • Garlic For Bone Health

Garlic helps to enhance proper bone performance. Garlic is filled with healthy nutrients for the bone; it contains zinc, manganese, vitamin B6 & C which facilitates and promotes healthy bone and prevention of osteoporosis.

  • Garlic For Vaginal Yeast Infection

Garlic can be effectively used to treat vaginal yeast infection. Garlic will kill the yeast cell but may cause itching or burning sensation which the body will treat naturally. Crush few garlic cloves and place in the vagina overnight and remove the following morning. Repeat this for few days till symptoms disappear.

One of the major causes of stroke is blood clot which prevents blood flow to the brain as a result of blocked veins and arteries. Regular consumption of garlic can help prevent this type of condition. It is a good preventive remedy for stroke, heart attack and other heart related diseases.

Some refer to garlic as a natural Viagra; garlic aids proper circulation of blood to vital parts of the body including the sexual organs; this always have an effect on the general sexual performance in the other room.
Not having a proper blood flow could be a risk factor for erectile dysfunction and garlic has the capability to reverse this effect if included in your diet on a regular basis.

Garlic will help you lose weight and belly fat naturally and stay in shape. Study shows that those who eat raw garlic along with other healthy lifestyle habits and nutrition have a significant improvement in their body weight. It is a natural detoxifier, eliminates fats from the cell and works as an effective diuretic.

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Benefits Of Eating Raw Garlic In Empty Stomach

To extract the full benefits of garlic, the best way is to consume it raw. Sound weird right? Some people are already used to that because of the benefits they derive from this life saving spice.

You can take few cloves by chewing in your mouth to get the best out of the allicin; an active compound found in garlic. Do not forget to do this on an empty stomach preferably first thing in the morning.
If you cannot withstand the taste, you can chop into tiny pieces and then swallow with a glass of water. If done regularly, you will definitely get the following:

*Lower cholesterol level in the blood
*Prevent blood clot
*It acts like natural antibiotics
*It kills of yeast infections, parasites and other harmful microbes
*It improves sexual performance in both sexes
*It improves fertility in women trying to conceive
*It improves metabolism
*It aids weight loss management

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Effect Of Garlic On Pregnancy

Garlic is considered safe for pregnant women because of its numerous health benefits. It is a good source of folic acid needed for growth and development of the baby, it has anti-inflammatory properties to fight off infections, and it stabilizes the blood pressure and cholesterol level.
However, garlic should be used in a controlled manner because of its ability to make the blood thinner which may result into uncontrolled bleeding during childbirth.

Other garlic medicinal benefits can also be optimized in treatment and prevention of the following:

  • Cough
  • Skin infections
  • Diarrhea
  • Tuberculosis
  • Yeast infections
  • Athletes foot
  • Weight control
  • Acne
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Catarrh.

How To Use Garlic: Methods Of Application Of Garlic In Nigeria

To benefit from garlic medicinal benefits, here are the basic application and usage:

  1. Garlic is edible and can be eaten raw.
  2. Garlic can be added to food as spice.
  3. Garlic can be blended with other herbs or spices.

Garlic Side Effects

The common side effects associated with excessive consumption of garlic include bloating, bad breathe, stomach upset, body odor, sweating, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.


*Avoid garlic before surgery
*Do not take more than 3 cloves daily
*If you are allergic to garlic or uncomfortable with the smell, you may stay off garlic.


Bottom Line!!!
• Adding garlic to your daily diet is not a bad idea but should be done with moderation
• Garlic should be used as preventive measure and not as medicine
• Avoid eating or swallowing too much of garlic as it can cause serious adverse reaction

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