Dongoyaro Medicinal Benefits: Wonderful Neem Medicinal Uses

Dongoyaro Medicinal Benefits: Wonderful Neem Medicinal Uses

December 6, 2017 1 By mcsenior
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Dongoyaro Medicinal benefits: What Is Neem Tree Good For?

Name: Neem Plant (Azadirachta indica)
Nigeria: Dongoyaro
Neem is not just a plant. It is one of the most widely use medicinal plants globally from time immemorial. On this post Natural Remedy Lab focus on dongoyaro medicinal benefits and usage in Nigeria.

The neem tree is a drought resistant plant that can grow almost anywhere. It is mostly grown in the tropical and semi-tropical regions. The tree can grow fast &tall with wide branches. The leaves are relatively small with fruits looking like olives.

Neem Nutritional Facts:

The neem leaves contains the following nutrients:

Moisture (59%), Proteins (7.1%), Fat (1%), Fibre (6.2%), Carbohydrates (22.9%), Minerals (3.4%)

Neem Parts Mostly Used:

Leaves, fruits, seeds, bark & twig

Neem Major Functions

Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal, Anti-diabetic, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-malaria, Contraceptive, Sedative & Antioxidant

Dongoyaro Medicinal Benefits

  • Strong Bone: for healthy bone formation, the body needs enough calcium, phosphorus & niacin to help children reach potential height and build bone mass in adults.
    Neem plant extract especially the leaves is reach in the basic nutrients for perfect bone health. It is also useful in improving the health of your gum and tooth enamel.
  • Blood Health: iron is needed for blood production, energy and physical performance. Regular intake of neem extracts is ideal for improved blood formation and health.
  • Immune Booster: one of the several dongoyaro medicinal benefits is its disease fighting properties. There are reports that taking neem extract regularly helps improve the immune system. Neem contains vitamin C which is a key antioxidant combined with components like iron, carotene and other basic minerals.
  • Heart Friendly: there is no doubt that neem plant is heart friendly. The combination of components like iron, vitamin C, niacin & thiamine helps improve and promote cardiovascular health.
  • Skin Protection: taking neem extract especially from the oil and even the leaves which is rich in niacin can help protect the skin against sunburn, skin damage or skin irritation.
  • Neem for Diabetes: dongoyaro medicinal benefits are evident in its usage as anti-diabetic agent. Neem extract can be used in reducing blood sugar. It is rich in vitamin B3 which helps in reducing cholesterol and helps treat diabetes.
  • Cognitive Funtion: the tyrosine found in neem is an essential amino acid that helps in combating stress.The glutamic acid found in neem extracts helps in enhancing general brain functions.
  • Anti-Malaria: neem is widely used in treatment of malaria due to its high anti-malaria properties. When combined with other herbs like mango & guava; it is highly effective.
  • Other dongoyaro medicinal benefits can be found in treatment of the following:
    Acne, Bacterial infections, fungal infections, inflammation, dandruff, aging skin, malaria, mosquito repellent, STIs & birth control
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Application Of Neem:

For effective usage of dongoyaro medicinal benefits, here are the various applications or usage method:

  1. Leaves can be eaten raw
  2. Twigs can be used as chewing stick
  3. Oil extract from fruits or leaves
  4. Decoction or tincture form leaves or bark.


  • It shouldn’t be taken orally by infants. It can cause vomiting, seizure and diarrhea especially when taken in excessive quantity.
  • Neem should be taken with caution during pregnancy, do not use except directed by an expert. It can cause complication during pregnancy. It also works like contraceptives.
  • Those who recently had surgery or organ transplant should completely stay off neem extracts.

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