Daily Diet Tips | Here Are Healthy Eating Facts

Daily Diet Tips | Here Are Healthy Eating Facts

February 6, 2018 2 By mcsenior
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Daily Diet Tips: What Is Healthy Eating Habits

Daily Diet Tips: You are what you eat; I believe you must have heard this phrase at least once. It is not strange that many don’t even know the actual meaning of this term. Think about it, you eat on a daily basis for a reason; your body requires nutrients to carry out the daily routine activities. What your brain requires may be different from what your heart, liver or kidney need.

Talking about daily diet tips, doctors do encourage people to eat balance diet because of the role nutrient takes in general well-being. A balance diet will ensure all the nutrients your body need is provided in substantial quantity.
However, many eat today whatever is available not what the body needs. You can blame this on lots of factors we may not be able to cover on this post but whatever the situation, you should endeavor to give your body essential nutrients and not toxins that are harmful to your health.

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If you are wondering how to live a healthy life, here are top daily diet tips commandments you must adhere to:

  • Balance Diet
  • More Spices
  •  Go Organic
  •  Healthy Cooking Methods
  • Portion Size Matters
  •  Drink More Water
  • Food Hygiene
  •  Go For Freshness

Daily Diet Tips With Balance Diet

Just like you do hear often on Natural Remedy Lab, the human body needs only nutrients not just food. The nutrients though are derived from food we eat but you should always have it at the back of your mind that your diet should be rich in both micro & macro nutrients the body needs to function optimally. A balance diet has the following components: Nutritional Varieties, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, fiber, whole grains, proteins, vitamins & minerals.

Daily Diet Tips With Spices

Spices are well known for their distinctive aroma and flavor they add to food. There are several varieties of spices available, that is the reason why you can hardly find any kitchen without at least one spice or the other. Spices are both nutritional and medicinal. As a result of this, it is recommended that spices should never be found wanting in food preparation. Most common spices include cayenne pepper, nutmeg, garlic, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and turmeric.

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Daily Diet Tips With Organic Foods

Due to modernization, most foods we eat today are not 100% natural. There are huge health benefits when you consume more of organic foods; the major being reduction in toxin intake. Organic foods are free from artificial additives, chemicals or synthetic fertilizer or pesticide.

Daily Diet Tips With Cooking Methods

Do you know that a badly cooked or prepared food is more or less like junk foods. It is not ideal to overcook fresh leafy vegetables, it is better to add boiled water so that the essential nutrients are not lost. Good cooking habits or methods include grilling, griddling, steaming, stir-frying and poaching. Bad cooking methods include pan fry, deep fry, charcoal barbecue & use of plastic containers.

Daily Diet Tips With Portion Size

It is advisable to eat small portion size repeatedly during the day. For every food you eat, there is need to combine different varieties not just one delicacy. When you eat snacks, you need to eat moderately because you tend to eat more than required over a short period of time. Eat food with lower calories, if possible, share meal with others.

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Daily Diet Tips With More Water

Eating foods that contain water and drinking more fluids helps to hydrate the body. Water is essential for the body & other vital organs, tissues and cells in the body. It is recommended that you should drink average of 3 liters of water daily. Water helps in regulating body temperature, lubricating the joints, protection of spine & tissues, body metabolism.

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Daily Diet Tips With Food Hygiene

Cleanliness is close to Godliness; food hygiene as well as general hygiene helps in preventing infections and food poisoning. Food hygiene starts from the farm where the food items are procured, the hygiene procedure continues during the other process up till the moment the food get to the dining table.

Daily Diet Tips With Freshness

When next you visit the food market, always go for fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat etc. Fresh foods are always free of preservatives, chemicals or harmful micro organisms. A non fresh food tends to loose their nutritional value over time.

Keeping these basic daily diet tips will go a long way in enhancing your general wellbeing tremendously.

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