Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria | Amazing Facts About Bulimia Nervosa You Need To Know

Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria | Amazing Facts About Bulimia Nervosa You Need To Know

December 14, 2018 0 By mcsenior
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Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria : Everything You Need To Know

People suffering from Bulimia nervosa in Nigeria often eat large amount of food within short period of time and then try to get rid of the food by throwing up, taking laxatives, fasting , or exercising a lot more than normal.
On this post, you will discover everything you need to know about Bulimia nervosa in Nigeria with step you can take to recover from it.

What Is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia nervosa also known as bulimia is a mental health problem characterized with extreme and dangerous eating behaviors that may increase the risk of other serious health problems and sometimes death. Some eating disorders also involve extreme exercise.

Those suffering from this condition may not be able to control their long throat when they see lots of food, they tend to eat more than normal {known as binging}; they then try to prevent weight gain by getting rid of those food{known as purging). Purging may be done by:

• Making yourself throw up
• Taking laxatives. Laxatives can include pills or liquids that speed up the movement of food through your body and lead to bowel movements.

This people may also try to prevent weight gain after binging by exercising a lot more than normal, eating very little or not at all (fasting), or taking pills to urinate often.
Women with bulimia usually have self-esteem that is closely linked to their body image.

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Difference Between Bulimia Nervosa And Other Eating Disorders

Women with eating disorders, such as anorexia, binge eating, and bulimia nervosa in Nigeria have a mental health condition that affects how they eat, and sometimes how they exercise. These eating disorders threaten their health.
Unlike women with anorexia, women with bulimia often have a normal weight. Unlike women with binge eating disorder, women with bulimia purge, or try to get rid of the food or weight after binging.

Binging and purging are usually done in private. This can make it difficult to tell if a loved one has bulimia or another eating disorder.
It is possible to have more than one eating disorder in your lifetime. Regardless of what type of eating disorder you may have, you can get better with treatment.

Who Is At Risk Of Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria?

• Bulimia affects more women than men
• It is believed that up to 2% of women experience this condition
• It is more common among younger girls than older women
• The age range of those usually affected falls between those who are 15 and those in their early 20s
• It is not common but can also be seen among those who are in their 50s

Symptoms Of Bulimia Nervosa 

Symptoms of bulimia nervosa in Nigeria may include:

• Swollen cheeks or jaw area
• The person may become thin, overweight or have a normal weight
• Frequent binging and purging
• Calluses or scrapes on the knuckles (if using fingers to induce vomiting)
• Teeth that look clear instead of white and are increasingly sensitive and decaying
• Broken blood vessels in the eyes
• Acid reflux, constipation, and other gastrointestinal problems
• Severe dehydration

Girls or women with bulimia may also have behavior changes such as:

• Often going to the bathroom right after eating (to throw up)
• Exercising a lot, even in bad weather or when hurt or tired
• Acting moody or sad, hating the way she looks, or feeling hopeless
• Having problems expressing anger
• Not wanting to go out with friends or do activities she once enjoyed

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People with bulimia often have other mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.

Causes Of Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria

There is no known cause of bulimia and other eating disorders. There are combination of factors like a person’s biology, having specific genes, body image and self esteem, social experiences, family health history, and sometimes other mental health illnesses play a key role in determining who has this kind of condition.

Women’s Health And Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria

• Electrolyte imbalance (having levels of sodium, potassium, or other minerals that are too high or too low, which can lead to heart attack or heart failure)
• Ulcers and other damage to your throat from vomiting
• Irregular periods or not having periods, which can cause problems getting pregnant
• Not getting enough nutrient
• Damage to the stomach as a result of over eating
• Tooth decay from vomiting
• Dehydration
• Problems having bowel movements or damage to the intestines from laxative abuse

Diagnosis Of Bulimia Nervosa In Nigeria

You need to talk to your doctor if you are suffering from bulimia and reveal the truth about the information about secret eating, purging and exercise to make it easier for your doctor to help you get better. Your doctor may them conduct blood, urine and other types of necessary test to know if you have other health problems caused by bulimia.

Treatment Of Bulimia Nervosa  In Nigeria

Treatment plans may include one or more of the following:

Nutrition therapy: This is done using a specifically tailored diet devised usually monitored by a medical doctor or nutritionist.
Psychotherapy: This is done through counseling to help you change harmful thoughts or behaviors. It is also referred to talk therapy.
Medication: You may be asked by your doctor to take medicine like Fluoxetine (Prozac) to help reduce binging and purging and improve your thoughts about eating. You may also use some antidepressants if you have depression or anxiety.
• You can also join a support group

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How Does Bulimia Nervosa Affect Pregnancy?

• May cause irregular menstrual cycle
• May make it difficult to get pregnant
• Miscarriage (pregnancy loss)
• Premature birth (also called preterm birth), or childbirth before 37 weeks of pregnancy
• Delivery by cesarean section (C-section)
• Having a low birth weight baby (less than five pounds, eight ounces at birth)
• Having a baby with a birth defect
• Depression after the baby is born {postpartum depression}

Can Eating Disorders Prevent Me From Getting Pregnant?

You can still live a normal life as well as have normal menstrual cycles have a better chance of getting pregnant and having a safe and healthy pregnancy after fully recovering from bulimia. It may however, take you up to a year or less after your full recovery.

Can Breastfeeding Mothers Take Bulimia Nervosa Medicine?

You may need to discuss with your doctor if you are breastfeeding and need to take bulimia medicine. Some medicines used to treat bulimia can pass through breast milk while certain antidepressants can be used safely during breastfeeding.

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