Breast Cancer Symptoms Among Nigerian Women – Jejere Oyan| How To Make Yourself Breast Cancer Free

Breast Cancer Symptoms Among Nigerian Women – Jejere Oyan| How To Make Yourself Breast Cancer Free

November 12, 2018 0 By mcsenior
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Breast Cancer Symptoms In Nigeria | What Nigerian Women Should Know

Being diagnosed of breast cancer can be frightening and worrisome. Breast cancer is undoubtedly one of the leading types of gynecological cancers affecting women of all races. It is very essential if not mandatory to diagnose breast cancer early because the earlier it is being diagnosed the better your chance of recovery and survival.

Generally, every woman is expected to always take prevention methods to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer at any point in their lives. Preventive measures include healthy lifestyle habits, certain lifestyle changes, & frequent medical checkup and beast examination to be on the safer side.

In addition, it is also highly beneficial for every woman to know the likely signs and symptoms of breast cancer to always look out for in their body especially around the breast. When symptoms are detected earlier enough, it gives you a higher chance of getting effective treatment options will higher chance of recovery compared to when it has cause serious damage that may be irreversible.

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Facts About Breast Cancer {Aisan Jejere Oyan}

  • Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the cells of the breast
  • More than 100 thousand new cases is recorded annually in Nigeria alone
  • Breast cancer diagnosis may require lab test or imaging
  • Breast cancer risk factors include: Being female, Obesity, Lack of exercise. Excessive drinking of alcohol, Family history, Hormone replacement therapy, Ionizing radiation
  • Men can also have breast cancer with less than 1% in all cases
  • Breast cancer treatment options include: Radiation therapy, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, Targeted therapy,
  • Breast cancer awareness usually take place every month of October
  • Best foods to prevent or lower your risk of developing breast cancer include: Citrus fruits, Dark green, leafy, vegetables, Tomato, Carrots, Free range chicken, Deep sea fish, Fertilized eggs, Beans, Fresh nuts{not roasted or salted}, Original honey, Fresh fruits juice, Drink enough water regularly
  • Foods to avoid include: Sugary foods, High salty foods, Food preservatives, Refined foods, Smoking, Alcohol
  • It is believed that erotic massaging of the breast may lower the risk of breast cancer to certain extent
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Top 13 Breast Cancer Symptoms {Aisan Jejere Oyan}

Here are top most common breast cancer symptoms you should know:

  • The first and easily noticeable breast cancer symptoms is presence of a lump that differs from the surrounding tissues of the breast
  • You may notice strange discharge from the nipple
  • There may also be presence of a lump around the armpit
  • There may be thickening of the breast skin and nipple different from other breast tissue
  • You my experience frequent pain or swelling around the breast or armpit
  • The nipple may become inverted {turning inward}, changing position or appearance
  • One of the breast may become larger or lower than the other
  • There may also be presence of frequent fever
  • There may be presence of rash or skin irritation around the breast or nipple
  • Presence of swollen nymph nodes around the breast and armpit
  • There may be presence of growing veins appearing on the blood vessel that can easily be noticed
  • You may notice a dimple on the breast that is not ready to go away
  • There may be presence of open sore in the later stage
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Breast Cancer Symptoms: When To See A Doctor

  • Discuss with your doctor how often you should go for breast cancer screening or examination depending on your level of risk factors.
  • Consult your doctor as soon as you notice any new lump or strange changes in the appearance and feel of your breast.
  • When you notice any lump swelling or pain around your breast
  • When you notice a strange discharge from your nipple
  • Discuss with your doctor which anti breast campaign team you can join to know recent updates on ways to prevent cancer as well as new treatment options update.

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