Bee Sting Therapy | Bee Venom Uses

Bee Sting Therapy | Bee Venom Uses

March 1, 2018 2 By mcsenior
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Bee Sting Therapy:Bee Venom Benefits

Have you ever thought of hacking your immune system? Oh! That sounds strange to you right? Yeah! It is indeed possible to hack your immune system. There is a therapy called bee sting therapy. Bee sting therapy is one of the various branches of apitherapy often used to treatment of various health conditions.

Bee sting therapy is used to trigger the immune system to reverse the effects of infections like arthritis, allergies and other inflammatory conditions.

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What is Apitherapy?: Apitherapy Bee Venom

Apitherapy is a term used for a particular type of alternative medicine that uses bee products to treat various medical conditions, some of which are not scientifically supported. Apitherapy had been in existence from time immemorial.
For instance, the use of honey for beauty products and skin related infections is common even till date.

In addition to this, it is not only honey that is medicinal to human but other bee hives products like pollen, propolis, bee venom and royal jelly.
Think about it, do people really allow bee sting deliberately on them? Yes! People do this because of the belief that bee venom has a lot of medicinal benefits in triggering the immune system to build a self defense against infections.

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However, you cannot practice bee sting therapy on your own without the help of any apitherapist near you. You should also get enough information whether you really need apitherapy or not as well as the likely implications before you go ahead.

Categories Of Apitherapy: Apitherapy Products

bee sting therapy

Apitherapy : bee sting therapy

Royal Jelly

Just as the name implies, royal jelly is special in the bee world. The royal jelly is a secretion by honey bee that the queen and larvae feeds on. Royal jelly is often used by human as dietary supplement and alternative medicine due to its composition of nutrients that are highly beneficial to health.
Royal jelly contains fatty acids, simple sugar, water, protein, vitamins and minerals as well other antioxidants, antibacterial and antibiotic components.

Bee Venom

Most times, we tend to avoid bee sting but according to apitherapist belief, bee sting should be appreciated because bee venom is said to contain powerful healing properties.
Bee venom is a colourless liquid substance with a bitter taste that makes the bee sting painful. Bee venom can however be given in form of bee sting or controlled injection. It is highly effective in treating inflammatory infections.

Bee Propolis

When honey bee gathers tree buds and other particles from plants, they mix these items with their saliva & bee wax; the end result forms bee propolis or bee glue. Bee propolis is used medicinally because of its effectiveness in treating cough and throat related infections.

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Bee Wax

Bee wax is formed by worker bees using various components. It is often used as sweetener and flavoring agent. This bee wax is also used in production of skin care and cosmetic products.


This is the most common bee products. It is rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients the human body needs. It is also a perfect replacement for sugar. Learn more about honey and its medicinal benefits from our previous post:
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Bee Pollen

Bee pollen usually comes in golden colored granules; it has a unique sweet taste. Bee pollen is a super food rich in nutrients especially vitamins no wonder it is a natural health booster.

Major Functions

Bee Venom: anti inflammation, allergies
Bee Pollen indigestion, anemia, allergies improvement, high blood pressure, acne, sexual prowess.
Propolis: anticancer, anti-tumor, candiasis, herpes, cold sores, women fertility, cold & sore throat
Bee Wax: skin infections, liver protection, lower cholesterol, anti-inflammation, acne, stretch mark. For skin infections: combine with honey and coconut oil or shea butter
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Medicinal Benefits Of Apitherapy

Apitherapy For HIV

Bee sting therapy is believe according to reports to be capable of destroying HIV. The bee venom contains nanoparticles that can kill HIV without affecting other cells. Contact any apitherapist around you to learn more.

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Apitherapy For Inflammation

Bee venom or bee sting therapy helps the body to reduce inflammation and pains associated with it. The bee venom contains apamin, adolapin and melittin which make it capable of suppressing inflammation including arthritis.

Apitherapy For Cancer

The bee propolis include both anti-tumor and anticancer properties. It contains flavonoids and phenolic acids which makes it ideal for prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Apitherapy For Skin Health

Most bee products are used for moisturizing the body as well as treatment of all sort of skin infections. Bee pollen, bee wax and honey can be used to treat acne, skin vitality, wounds, stretch mark and other skin related infections

Apitherapy For Cold

Bee propolis and honey can be used to get rid of cold and sore throat. You may combine with other natural remedies for better result.

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  • Other benefits of apitherapy include usage in prevention and treatment of anemia, candiasis, herpes, women fertility, liver protection, lower cholesterol etc

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