Benefits of Alternative Medicine In Nigeria

Benefits of Alternative Medicine In Nigeria

November 2, 2017 1 By mcsenior
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Spices for alternative medicine

Spices for alternative medicine

Benefits of Alternative Medicine In Nigeria: It is widely believed that clinics and hospitals are out there for a purpose which is primarily to improve the health condition of people. To some, a visit to the hospital is like a nightmare; they are never attracted or interested in visiting except they have a serious medical issue.

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However, a visit to any nearby hospital in your developing nation like ours will convince you that a whole lot of people suffer one ailment or the other; this calls for a more holistic approach and intervention to explore the benefits of  alternative medicine in Nigeria because there are even great number of patient who cannot afford outrageous hospital bills thereby patronizing quack doctors or ineffective medical alternatives.

Think about it, do you even know that most infections are preventable and treatable naturally?, Prevention they say is better that cure, it is even cheaper and more sustainable. For instance, if you live or stay in a malaria prone environment, one of the first preventive measures is to prevent mosquito bites either by using treated mosquito nets, insect repellents or insecticides. In addition, there are herbs and spices that can also help you get rid of the malaria parasite when bitten by mosquito.

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It is also worthy of note that adopting alternative medicine in Nigeria by eating organic or natural herbs , vegetable, fruits, spices and other food items will not only help you improve your health tremendously but also give you everything your immune system need to fight infections with no or not traceable side effect.

Remember, one of the downside of conventional medicine is the fact that for every pill you take, there is one side effect or the other and that is the more reason why a lot of people now prefer alternative medicine because of its effectiveness and minimal or no side effect.

Here on Natural Remedy Lab, we believe so much in natural approach to health using natural alternative medicine. When you eat the right food, your body gets the right required nutrients and your general body wellbeing improves. We believe recommend that if you want to eat, try as much as you can to stay off processed and other junk foods, rather you should go organic.

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In addition, going organic in your diet will save you a whole lot of money on the long run because you tend to stay fit always thereby you need not to spend unnecessarily on medicine to stay fit. Also, whenever, you fall sick, you should remember that herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices are also effective in treating infection with no side effect especially when used appropriately.

In conclusion, you should keep this at the back of your mind. The secret to healthy living starts from you knowing how your body works, you should identify what your body wants and what it doesn’t; if you are to eat, it is preferable you go organic. You should also maintain proper hygiene, remember “cleanliness is close to Godliness”, a dirty environment breeds all sorts of infection causing micro organisms, therefore sanitary is very important to your wellbeing.

Many use to ask, what are the health benefits of alternative medicine in Nigeria, there is one simple answer, alternative medicine had been widely accepted in Nigeria since time immemorial, there are testimonies about its effectiveness and low side effect unlike orthodox medicine. We have no reason to shy away from it today.

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