Skin Infection Treatment At Home | Natural Skin Treatment

Skin Infection Treatment At Home | Natural Skin Treatment

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Skin Infection Treatment Alternatives
Most skin infections are usually caused by either virus, bacterial, parasite or fungi. In some cases, it could be as a result of other infections. Skin infections can however, can be minor, mild or severe.
Some infections can be painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing (imagine yourself not able to go work or other public gardening because of skin infection), this is the more reason why you need to be familiar with alternative skin infection treatment you can easily try at home on your own.

On this post, Natural Remedy Lab looks at the most effective skin infection treatment available in Nigeria.

Type of Skin Infections
Before you even try any skin infection treatment, it is essential for you to identify the kind or nature of skin infection you have. Skin infections can be classified based on their causative agents and the major ones are as follows:

  • Viral Infection: herpes, warts, measles, chicken pox and others.
  • Bacterial Infection: boils, cellulitis, folliculitis, impetigo and others.
  • Fungi Infections: ringworm, athlete’s foot, nails infections and others
  • Parasitic Infections: tapeworm, guinea worm, lice and others
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Common Skin Infection Treatment Alternatives
Here are natural remedy Lab’s list of common skin infection treatment alternatives in Nigeria:

Chicken Pox: this is a highly contagious viral infection. Likely symptoms include itching & rashes on the skin. There is a vaccine for prevention and there are skin infection treatment herbs that can be used in the treatment.

Remedy: pigeon pea, caper bush, pear leaves, sausage tree leaves, Ethiopian pepper (fruit), yellow mombin (stem bark), alligator pepper, maize flower, wild nutmeg (root) & oil palm (root).

Ringworm: a contagious fungi infection that affects the scalp or skin. It can easily be spread having direct contact & sharing of personal items with an infected person.
It is characterized by red, scaly & itchy patches that look like a ring. Most treatment can be done by rubbing herbs on the body or affected body parts. The skin infection treatment below can also be used to treat ringworm.

Remedy: apple cider vinegar, garlic paste, olive oil, honey, neem leaves (oral & bath), aloe vera gel, coconut oil & pignut.

Small pox: is an infection caused by virus named ‘variola viruses’, the lesions are concentrated on the face, hands & feet of an infected person. Unlike chicken pox, small pox is often fatal.

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Remedy: bitter kola (root), flat bean (stem bark + leaves)
Avoid: poor hygiene, break / cut in the skin & unhealthy nutrition.

Remedy: coconut oil, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, aloe vera, garlic & olive oil.
Avoid: Poor hygiene

Head Lice
Eat: more of vitamins, minerals & proteins
Remedy: coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, lemon / lime juice, garlic paste, petroleum jelly
Avoid: sharing household items

Eat: raw garlic, more water, fruits (vitamin A & C), vegetables and turmeric
Remedy: Shea butter, vinegar, garlic paste, onion paste, coconut oil, neem leaves, ginger paste, tomato paste.
Avoid: scratching, sugar, salt, preservatives & stress

Eat: vegetables, garlic & fruits
Remedy: neem oil, coconut oil, neem leaves, neem + turmeric, aloe vera gel, turmeric powder + lemon juice, St. John’s wort.
Avoid: hot shower, processed meat, alcohol, additives, sea foods, tight cloth & mushroom.

Eat: vegetables, fruits (vitamin c) & garlic
Remedy: aloe vera, unripe papaya sap, slice potato, coconut oil, baking powder, lemon slice, garlic patch, banana peel & apple cider vinegar.
Avoid: Trans fat, sugar, saturated fats, alcohol, tobacco, baked & processed foods.

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Eat: garlic, garlic, whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables & cashew nuts
Remedy: aloe vera, neem, lemon / lime, cucumber, honey, tomato, cinnamon + honey, turmeric paste.
Avoid: Trans fat, saturated fats, milk, sugar, oily foods & refined carbohydrates.

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